Monday, June 20, 2011

I Don't Know How.......But I Did It!!!!!!!!!!

This past week has been insane.  Crazy, wild, freaky busy.....and as of this moment I can sit back and shake my head in amazement that I DID IT!!!!!!!  What exactly is "it?"

1.  Completed 6 new paintings and delivered 39 original works (including the 6 new ones) yesterday afternoon to the Civic Center at the City of Roseville for a 2-month show.  If you are in the area, please check it out!  The address is 311 Vernon Street, and they're open Monday through Friday 8-6.

2.  Played hostess to my Seattle friend Lynn and her daughter Katie for 2 nights

3.  Was interviewed for an Australian coaching & business blog called Art Shine -- here's the interview!
 JJ's interview with Art Shine

4.  Taught my little Seattle friend Katie how to make lampworked beads in my glass studio.

5.  Came up with 4 concepts and submitted a proposal this afternoon to an art consultant for a fused glass donor wall for a new medical building in Sacramento. 

Tomorrow I start working on my new show called "Tiny Houses" -- a tribute to my fascination with the small living/downsizing trend.  July's 2nd Saturday is around the corner and my walls are bare in the gallery so I need to start painting and fast.  Dianne , Ed and I just ordered the invitations for our upcoming open house for the neighborhood on Thursday, July 7th and our open house for friends and family on Friday, July 15th. 

No wonder I'm exhausted!!!!!!!!! 

Tonight I sleep.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Earring Exchange on Lampwork, Etc.

Here are my humble offerings for my first ever earring exchange on Lampwork, Etc.   The deadline was today and being the procrastinating slug that I am, they are being sent out this morning (even though they have been bagged and tagged for weeks now!!!)

All earrings have sterling wires and the lampworked beads were torched by me with the exception of the square Borosilicate beads, which I received at a bead show in Oakland.  I made 7 pairs of earrings and will be getting 7 pairs back -- I can't wait to see the little beauties when they get here and will post photos of them when they arrive.

Special thanks to Hayley Tsang for putting this fun exchange together -- click on Hayley's name to check out her exquisite work!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Marketing Genius!!!

Greeting card artist and art-licensing guru Kate Harper recently posted this lovely design and sentiment on her blog then invited everyone to freely "spread the word" -- there was no fear of someone stealing her artwork or her words....just a generous, no-strings-attached, put-it-out-there-and-enjoy type of offer.

I just love this!!!  Kate gives out so many tips and suggestionson her blog and does so freely without worrying about someone trying to steal the big secrets.  If you've ever wanted to be a greeting card designer, then just subscribe to her blog and do what she tells you to do.  Kate shares so much free information and never asks for anything in return -- she doesn't push her books but you know they're there.  And they're affordably priced -- such a deal!

Many artists would never invite people to take one of their paintings and use it as they saw fact I'm still in awe about this and Tweeted it on Twitter and now I'm blogging about it.  Partly because I love, love, LOVE the sentiment and partly because she sneakily taught me a huge lesson about sharing freely and letting the Universe spread the word about her business. 

What pure marketing genius AND an excellent way to build up those Karma points!  Life is way too short to think someone is going to go out and steal your art. 

Way to go, Kate :-)