Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another Painting Process -- Part I

I had so much fun publicly painting the previous painting "Fiesta Magic" that I decided to pull out another canvas and begin one of my "Hidden Messages" paintings.  This is a 30" x 30" gallery-wrapped canvas.  I painted the sides and part of the front with black to add a frame to the final piece.  I'm thinking I should try to restrain myself from using so much color this time, and lean towards the neutral colors, focusing on composition instead.  We'll see how I do.....I'm in love with color and use them like my emotions on a canvas.  Guess that's why my style is "abstract expressive!"

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Painting Process -- Part V -- "Fiesta Magic"

"Fiesta Magic" hanging in my studio gallery at ARTHOUSE in Sacramento, California.  This painting premiered at our 2nd Saturday Art Walk last night, and I loved hearing the woman said I should win an award for having "the happiest painting" in the building!  Sharing the steps of this painting from start to finish has been a fun challenge for me -- if you want to see what's next, check out my FaceBook Fan Page -- click here to follow my latest work!
"Fiesta Magic" -- 60" x 36" acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Painting Process -- Part IV

Adding even more color to the painting palette, and getting a little unnerved by the way it's not coming together.  I decide to step away from the process and head out of town for a weekend with a friend.  Apparently this was what I needed to do, because I came back with a relaxed eye and a renewed vision of how I wanted to finish the piece.

I needed to work on the ratios of the dark and light colors.  I pulled out my bottles of Golden Quinacridone Violet and Green Gold, and worked in some warm blends of these hues.  I think every artist has a "go-to" color they use when they want to add a finishing touch to a painting......Golden Green Gold is mine.  The painting is starting to pull together, and the layers are quite spectacular, if I do say so myself.