Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Studio for JJ!

Since the CAST Open Studio tours in September, I've been buried with getting a large commission completed; collecting rents for my property management and leasing business;  and organizing things to get ready to move into my new studio.  I started paying rent for the new place on the 1st, but found the inside needed to be completely repainted which delayed the process a week as I managed to talk my wonderful brother (a professional painting contractor) and adorable niece to paint it for me.

I'd have done the painting myself but had somehow managed to develop some painful muscle spasms in my back, neck and shoulder (stress maybe??) and was barely able to lift my right arm.  After a couple of visits to my fabulous chiropractor, I carefully made the move into my new digs and was officially open for business yesterday just in time for the 2nd Saturday Art Walk.

Here are some photos of the new space, which is located at the new ArtHouse (which is the same building I was in when I shared a space with the spiritual painter, Brenda Boles).  A special thanks to my former studio mate, Dianne Poinski, for letting me know this space was becoming available.  I hadn't planned on moving into a studio again, but when Dianne told me the news about the upcoming vacancy, something inside said "DO IT!" and I'm glad I did.

The new space is upstairs in a large industrial building, and has 18 wonderful artists including Dianne, Brenda and myself.  My new space has a beautiful window; 2 painted brick walls; high ceilings; lots of natural light; and a fabulous location near the stairwell.  The building is in a wonderful location in downtown Sacramento's industrial area, and downstairs has some fun tiny shops and a great restaurant that are a big draw to our space.  

While I'm physically and mentally exhausted from everything that's taken place over the last few weeks, I'm  thrilled to be back in an artistic atmosphere.  Tomorrow I am starting a very unique commission for a friend in addition to 2 solo shows coming up in you can guess how the next few weeks will be for this busy girl.  I fully intend to avoid the muscle spasm incident again, so am having a nice, long massage on Tuesday. is good :-)