Friday, December 14, 2018

Updated: 2018 Holiday Ornament Swap Hop

Beaded Icicle - 1" x 5"

When Karen Williams of Skunk Hills Studio announced a Holiday Ornament Swap for 2018, I said "count me in!"  You all know I love a good challenge and I couldn't wait to sign up and play.

I had the good fortune of drawing Judy Deshaies from New Hampshire.  Judy is a talented beader and she sent me this exquisite hand-beaded blue icicle with rainbow-coated white snow tips.  This piece is gorgeous and is going in my permanent collection of ornaments.

I don't have a tree for the Holidays but I do decorate with lots of twinkling white lights and soft white floral arrangements (with occasional pops of red berries).  I have this gem hanging on my mantle among the lights and it sparkles and glows.  Sorry for not taking a photo of the mantle but my living and dining room is being prepped for painting at the moment and let's just say it's not photo worthy yet.

I sent Judy one of my original fused glass ornament designs - the one I selected is shown below and is the "gifts" design, made with a black background from glass I purchase at Bullseye Glass.  The ornament measures 3" high x 1" wide and has a fused-in hanger. 

I'm not a beader (I lack the talent, patience and vision) but I am a fused glass artist who has been working with the medium since 1999.  I started designing my own line of Christmas ornaments in 2000, with a new design added each year.  Each ornament is made by hand, fired, then is signed by me.  My pieces have been sold in galleries and retail establishments throughout the U.S. and many of my collectors have been collecting them since the beginning.  Here is a photo of some of the designs I've made over the years:

I began teaching my "Cut & Sip" Holiday Ornament Classes in my studio about 5 years ago, and stopped adding to my line of designs 2 years ago after many of my retail outlets and galleries closed.  I also found several of my designs knocked off and for sale on ETSY and other outlets, and decided to take a break to focus on the "Cut & Sip" classes instead.

This holiday season I've taught 12 classes so far and I love every single minute. I learn so much from my students and let me tell you, some of the designs they create are stunning!! 

Thank you, Judy for being my exchange partner and I hope you like the fused glass ornament I sent to you.  And thank you, Karen for arranging the Ornament Swap Hop - if you do it again, please sign me up!


  1. Oh that is a beautiful ornament I can just see it shimmering in the white twinkle lights.

  2. So glad you've enjoyed the ornament exchange, JJ! Judy's icicle is simply lovely. I love your description of where you have it hanging.

    Good luck with the painting - the prep for such things is never fun, especially this time of year.

    Happy holidays! - Karen

  3. My two nieces helped me decorate our tree this year, and the younger one absolutely fell in love with your ornaments. She stopped and had to unwrap them all before she could resume decorating the tree. :)

  4. I love your glass ornaments!!
    So cute!!