Sunday, July 26, 2009

New beads - after!

Here are some of the new beads after being etched -- the etching cream is a bugger to get off completely but I'm happy with the end result. Don't they look like sea glass??

New beads - before....

I've been torching like crazy these past couple of weeks and have stumbled upon a new look that I'm excited about. These are all freeform, transparent beads made from Moretti 104 glass -- many with spirals (one of my favorite symbols and one you'll see in a lot of my work). Here's a photo of some beads after they've been annealed in the kiln but before the final etched finish......

Mira M. White workshop

Last weekend I took an abstract painting class from Mira M. White in Walnut Creek. She does incredible work in pastels, watercolors and acrylics. I loved working with the various techniques she taught and have several pieces started from the class that I'm still working on. Here's one of the paintings I finished during the workshop -- it's approximately 8" x 8" on 4-ply illustration board with acrylics; watercolors; and copper leaf. It's called "The Light Within."

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bliss at the beach

Last Thursday we went to Bodega Bay to escape the heat.....the weather was foggy and overcast and a beautiful change from the brutal 100+ degree weather in Sacramento. Saw some amazing tide pools with huge starfish attached to the gigantic rocks. Here's a painting I did yesterday that was inspired from the welcome albeit brief respite from sunny (and hot!) Sacramento. The painting is acrylic and charcoal on 300 lb Arches paper -- size is 7.5" x 15.25" As most of you know it's really difficult for me to paint or make anything with black, white and shades of gray but I really enjoyed this challenge and was happy with the results. Of course I had to throw a little bit of color into the mix -- hence a light wash of yellow ochre in the sky where the sun kept threatening to pop out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gregory Kondos workshop

Last week I was in Tahoe taking a 5-day workshop from Gregory Kondos. The man is a legend in Sacramento as well as internationally. I love his contemporary landscapes and it was an honor getting to know and paint with this man. I'm still working on the paintings I started in his class and will post one or two of them when they're finished.
In the meantime here's a photo of Greg and a link to his website: