Sunday, February 5, 2017

Scattered Nation

"Scattered Nation" - 18" x 24" acrylic on paper - $295 plus free shipping
I will begin by saying this is not a political rant and I'm not dogging anyone for their political vote or beliefs (my parents raised me to honor and respect others, for goodness sake!)  This is however, an observation and a call for grace.

Most of you know I make my living selling my art and do some real estate leasing and consulting on the side to make ends meet.  I deal with a variety of people with widely diverse backgrounds in both businesses, and I absolutely love what I do.

January is notorious for being a slow month for artists, but I somehow managed to shatter this notion by selling 7 paintings; taking on 2 commissions; hanging one solo show and one painting is on hold for another couple (and picked up a couple new consulting gigs on the real estate end!).  This artist is doing the happy dance, and is very grateful.

Whenever I do sell a painting, I tend to post it on one of my FB pages and often get private messages from artists I know asking how I am making so many sales/where am I selling/who are my collectors/etc.  And I am usually quite free with the information (except for the list of my collectors - seriously?)

I sell on many on-line sites including Artfinder , Saatchi Art, ETSY and Vango Art.  I also sell through various art consultants and interior decorators, and sell a fair amount of art via my personal Facebook page and my Fan Page.  My social media pages tend to be filled with art - my art and others - and tips and informational sites. I stay away from politics and other controversy as much as possible because I know I need to focus on my art (aka career) if I want to eat, and I also know if I choose a side, it's very likely I'm going to be judged or alienated by the other side.  Right or wrong, it just is.

A few days ago I witnessed a full-fledged on-line attack to an artist whose opinion happened to differ from the attackers, and let's just say it was brutal.  No matter how hard he tried to respond in a kind, thoughtful manner, he was basically told it was "their way or the highway" along with other cruel, mean-spirited words.  He's removed himself from FB for awhile and who could blame him.

When one of the attackers of my bullied artist friend sent me a message asking about my recent sales, I had to consciously wait for a long time while I figured out what to say.  One part of me wanted to call her out for being so mean to my friend; and the other part of me wanted to ignore her altogether.

But instead, I responded with all the information she had requested, and wished her best of luck with her art in the New Year.  I still haven't received a "thank you" for supplying the information, but that's on her.   I really have no desire to prolong the conversation any further.

We live in a nation where we are fortunate enough to have the right to say what we feel, and until that right is taken away, I intend to voice my opinion when it is called for, but in the event it differs from another human being's opinion, I will choose to respond with dignity and grace, kindness and compassion.