Monday, June 18, 2012

I love Craigslist

Temperatures reached 105 degrees in  Sacramento this weekend, and I spent most of the time indoors, running all the fans and occasionally turning on the central air-conditioner.  It was the perfect time to continue the purging mode, and this time I concentrated on my bedroom.

In that room, I had an espresso-colored contemporary sideboard from IKEA that I used for storing my CD's, batteries, household tools, extra keys, etc.   I had used the surface for my unopened mail; books; dirty clothes and whatever else I could throw on there.

On Saturday, I determined this sideboard must go away and I called a couple people I knew to see if I could unload it on them.  No, ummmm......they didn't want anymore furniture and were in the same "simplifying" mode that I've been in.  My neighbor said Goodwill would take it, but that would mean getting this heavy thing moved, which was not high on my To-Do list. 

So--I took a couple of photos and wrote an ad to put on Craigslist.  Since I didn't want any money for it (I just wanted it gone!), I listed it in the FREE Classified section.  Within half an hour, I had 32 emailed responses, and I called the first one who left a phone number to see how soon they could pick it up.

The woman and her husband arrived within 25 minutes, and were thrilled with their new find.  I was excited about having the extra room, and the energy of the bedroom has completely shifted.  It feels lighter and cleaner and last night, I slept like a baby - something I haven't done for ages.

"Night Dreams"
- SOLD -

I know I just said this in my previous post, but seriously I really don't know how I've managed to accumulate so much stuff.  Even though I've gotten rid of SO MUCH, there is more that needs to go. 

Next purging session is my studio/office.  Even though I haven't picked up a paintbrush in weeks, my mind has been mixing colors and patterns as I've been cleaning and I can't wait to start painting again!

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