Sunday, February 5, 2012


"Kelp Garden"

"Moon over Miami"

I know the economy has been slow and unemployment rates in California are still through the roof.....but for this artist, 2012 is turning out to be an awesome year with art sales.  I really have to sit back and count my blessings.  On Friday, a friend stopped by the studio and purchased these metal/fused glass sculptures that I did last September with fellow metal artist, Ed Haag.  (sorry about the sucky photos -- obviously I took them myself!)  Last month, I sold two of my personal favorite paintings -- "Glimpse of Spring" and "Fires Down Below" to two wonderful collectors in addition to several small glass art pieces. I have also been collecting steady checks from the galleries that I've been showing my glass work in, which is another added bonus. 

Amazingly enough, the majority of my bills are managing to get paid with the proceeds of my art sales, and I'm eternally grateful, humbled, and astounded that I had the nerve to walk away from a successful career to follow my dream and my passion. 

I've got so many ideas and artistic money-making opportunities brewing.....there's the interview I did recently with a national magazine as well as the licensing contract with All My Walls.   I've also got several galleries asking for more works geared towards Spring, plus the show I just hung at 58 Degrees Restaurant & Bar in addition to another "secret" idea I'm brewing with another extremely talented abstract artist friend.  I need to be careful not to get too carried away with the business end of things and concentrate on making more art!!!

Over the past few months I've come to love a popular 4-letter words in the English language....SOLD.  And I hope to be saying that word on a daily basis!  A year ago I would never have dreamed that I'd be doing what I'm doing.  My only regret is I didn't do it sooner. 

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  1. Your talent / vision is astounding ! Indeed , take care that the business end does not take from your creative spirit and space.
    Bravo my friend !