Saturday, December 3, 2011

About Passion.....

It's been a month since I've left the "day job" and concentrated on following my passion, which is being an artist.  Well -- a month and 2 days, to be exact, since my 1st day off the job was 11-1-11, and today is 12-3-11.  I've accomplished a lot during this past month, and in a nutshell here's what has transpired:

My glass ornaments and glass art are now in 7 stores:  Arareity Jewelers, The Flower Farm Inn, both outlets of Fire & Rain Galleries, Trezhers Gifts, Krazy Mary's Boutique, and Christmas & Company.  I will be licensing my paintings to be put on metal art for All My Walls, and was interviewed for an upcoming article about women who leave a successful career to follow their passion by MORE Magazine. I also updated my website and decided to give my ETSY shop another try. 

Busy month, busy girl.  Yet I'm feeling it's not enough.  Inside of me is this little child that is saying "I want it now" which essentially means do more, more, more.  And the adult side of me is saying "Be patient -- some things take time."  Thus ensues the inner battle which probably sheds a little insight as to why I'm prone to burn out, and why I need to take conscious steps to ensure it doesn't happen again.

While working in my glass studio the other day, I was listening to a fascinating program on Hay House Radio about burn out by Joan Borysenko, PhD.   During the show, she mentioned that people burn out  because they are passionate about what they do, and when they don't feel appreciated or validated by their efforts by their self and/or others, burn out happens.

So -- my goal this month is to stop the negative mind chatter and focus on taking care of the new accounts I've gotten.  Get ready for our upcoming Holiday Boutique & 2nd Saturday Sale at Bell'Arte Studios as well as the show "Glowing" at Arareity, and enjoy the heck out of my family during the Holidays. 

2012 is going to be a kickass year for me, and I hope for each and every one of you too.


  1. Wow! You have accomplished more in a month than most people do in a year!

    How well I understand the inner struggles of "enough", the tendency toward impatience and the common occurrence of "burn out".

    It is so true that burnout occurs when passion is high, but validation is missing.

    We can try to give it to ourselves, but I for one want to congratulate you on your perseverance, courage and talent.

    We will get through December together.......

  2. Ah, the angel who introduced us.
    An awesome beginning to 11-1-11.

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  4. the words of wisdom written by Dianne.