Monday, June 20, 2011

I Don't Know How.......But I Did It!!!!!!!!!!

This past week has been insane.  Crazy, wild, freaky busy.....and as of this moment I can sit back and shake my head in amazement that I DID IT!!!!!!!  What exactly is "it?"

1.  Completed 6 new paintings and delivered 39 original works (including the 6 new ones) yesterday afternoon to the Civic Center at the City of Roseville for a 2-month show.  If you are in the area, please check it out!  The address is 311 Vernon Street, and they're open Monday through Friday 8-6.

2.  Played hostess to my Seattle friend Lynn and her daughter Katie for 2 nights

3.  Was interviewed for an Australian coaching & business blog called Art Shine -- here's the interview!
 JJ's interview with Art Shine

4.  Taught my little Seattle friend Katie how to make lampworked beads in my glass studio.

5.  Came up with 4 concepts and submitted a proposal this afternoon to an art consultant for a fused glass donor wall for a new medical building in Sacramento. 

Tomorrow I start working on my new show called "Tiny Houses" -- a tribute to my fascination with the small living/downsizing trend.  July's 2nd Saturday is around the corner and my walls are bare in the gallery so I need to start painting and fast.  Dianne , Ed and I just ordered the invitations for our upcoming open house for the neighborhood on Thursday, July 7th and our open house for friends and family on Friday, July 15th. 

No wonder I'm exhausted!!!!!!!!! 

Tonight I sleep.


  1. Sleep tight my friend!
    Your art is fabulous-more on that later.
    Yes, YOU did it and well done.

  2. AWESOME! You deserve a lot of praise for this.

  3. Those blue ones in the diptych are great!