Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New show -- new works!

I've been on a painting frenzy these past few weeks and am excited about being one of the featured artists this month in the main upstairs gallery at The Foundry!  I've got a total of 11 paintings that will be hung upstairs in addition to a lot of new works inside my studio.  Here are photos of some of the new paintings along with my apologies for the quality of these photos.....I shot these inside the gallery without a flash.


  1. Hello Judy,
    Your new show is on Saturday, February 13. Is that correct?

  2. It is :-) Hope you can make it, Johane!!

  3. JJ, hard to think of you as a Judy ! Wish I were there for your show.

  4. Hi JJ! Great to see your new work. Stop by next time you are in Aptos...i still have your lovely acrylic. Ursula