Sunday, June 9, 2013

Skull Rocks

Art days with my friends Cheryl, Lynn and Di are some of my favorite days on earth.  This time we made painted rock skulls out of stones gathered from The American River in Sacramento.  We started with clean rocks; added a coat of gesso to make sure the acrylic paints would adhere properly; then added our colors and designs.  I think I'm going to finish mine off with a coat or two of UV protective matte varnish before putting them outside in the hot California sun. 

Before I add the final coats though, I want to finish mine off with some more dots and designs (I was on a roll and made 5 rocks - the colorful family at the upper left corner).  When I'm done, they're going to go in my garden in an area I'm creating for a "Day of the Dead" section.  The new area is next to my studio and will add color where my plants seem to refuse to grow.  I can't wait to get started and will look for an "altar" to add next.  I've got a small wood pallet that is calling my name......

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