Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Show Coming Up - "Shades of Gray"

March brings a new show to ArtHouse Gallery - "Shades of Gray" (not named after the popular books)
Here are three studies I made in preparation for two paintings to go in the new show.   

These studies are 6" x 4" postcards on 140 lb. watercolor paper, with acrylic paints, markers, graphite, and charcoal.  

Working with blacks, whites and grays bring back memories of Design 14 in college.
The first half-semester we worked mainly with black, white, shapes and lines - and I HATED it.
I wanted color - and lots of it.  And this urge remains to this day.

This show is a discipline lesson for me, but one I'm actually enjoying this time.  A good friend of mine
 recently told me "Value does all the work - color gets all the credit."  So true!

My canvases are prepped with white gesso, and the black and white acrylics are calling my name.
It will be fun to see what abstract expressions come out of this afternoon's painting session!

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