Saturday, March 30, 2013

New ETSY Store is finally open!!!

At last, my new ETSY store is open!!  I've had a shop on ETSY since 2008 and had sold fused glass, prints and a few painting on it, but I'm afraid to admit that I've totally neglected it these past couple of years and after a lot of debate with myself, I've decide to let the old shop go entirely.  This new store will be 100% original paintings, and nothing else.

Over the past couple of years I've gone back and forth whether or not to pursue galleries; limit my showings and sales to my local studio in Sacramento, CA; do art shows; or push the on-line venues like I had done somewhat successfully in the past.  After my Master's Painting Class with Tesia Blackburn, I decided to open the store.  It's time to move some inventory and make room for new art!

I have a lot of paintings and I paint often.  Since I don't anticipate that I'll stop painting anytime in the near future, (and I want to continue walking around my house and studio), I need to lovingly send a few of my babies off to good homes.

I'm not sure how or even if this is going to work, but if you're the least bit inclined to check it out, you can click here and give me your comments.  I welcome your discerning eye and suggestions!!  And if you decide you love something enough to purchase it through my ETSY shop just send me a message stating you are one of my blog readers and you'll get FREE SHIPPING!!!  (I will credit the full amount back to you via PayPal).  This offer is good for all blog followers for any and all work posted on my ETSY site through June 1st, 2013 (my birthday!).

Thank you for all of your support, my faithful and supportive blog readers -- I appreciate it :-)


  1. Your new store is Gorgeous JJ! It's wonderful seeing so many of your paintings in one place.

    I know your shop is going to be sooo popular!

  2. Just wonderful. Your artworks are really lovely, if I must say so. Good luck with your new store! Since you've already been on Etsy, I'm sure you're already well-acquainted with how it works. But don't forget to keep yourself updated on new store policies and ways on how you can better promote your store. Part of having a successful online store is effective marketing.

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