Sunday, February 10, 2013

Work in Progress -- Cold Wax & Oil Paint

Work in Progress
18" x 18"
Cold wax & oil paint on cradled wood panel

A couple of weeks ago I attended a demonstration at a local art supply store on cold wax and oil paint.  It's like painting with encaustics but isn't as toxic.  I love the blending you can achieve with the oil paints and the layering that is done with the cold wax.  I want to add some more texture to this piece and make a more neutral "cover" by using some creamy whites and adding some burnt umber and raw sienna.....and then I want to start scratching away the layers to bring back some of these vibrant greens and blues.  Stay tuned as I show the progression of this work in progress.  At first I wasn't too sold on this new medium, but as I've been working more on the layering, I think I'm going to like it!

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