Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Forgotten Footsteps -- Triptych on upcycled board

"Forgotten Footsteps"
19.25" x 30.75"
Acrylic, metallic powder & graphite on upcycled board
$ 395

This many-layered (at least 12!) triptych is done on 3 "upcycled" boards that I rescued from a demolition
site of a  project I did a couple of years ago when I was VP of a commercial real estate development firm.
There had been counters with lots of slots for maps and handouts, and the new owners didn't have any use
for them.  When I saw the contractors throwing everything away, I knew I had to grab some of these
shiny, hard particle boards for my art.  I absolutely love working with these boards & they're "green!"

I sanded each board then brushed 2 layers of gesso and a bunch of modeling paste before adding
several glazes  of color.  I then threw down some silver/bronze powder and added some graphite and
markers to the design and came up with "Forgotten Footsteps."  This piece reminds me of a map,
mixed with raindrops, skies and oceans with a few mountains thrown in for good measure.  

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