Monday, December 17, 2012

Some Favorite Things for Artists

The holidays have changed so much from when I was a kid - and to be honest, my anticipation of the season has shifted to a bit of anxiety and overwhelm.  So this year, my friends and family have agreed to simplify (or forego gifting altogether!) and do things that embrace the holiday spirit instead of lining the retailer's pockets.

Since a lot of my readers are artists, I wanted to "gift" all of you with a dozen of my favorite freebies, tutorials and articles.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all!!

Virtual Paint Mixing application by Golden Paints - a FUN application on what color(s) you wind up with if you mix certain colors of paint

Making your Art Biz Legit - links and info on turning your art hobby into a legitimate business

How to Stay Inspired during those Artistic Lulls - fabulous article by the talented Joanie Springer

Wonderful How-to on making wood-burned kitchen spoons - easy tutorial on making some artsy kitchen utensils for your favorite chef by Alisa Burke

25 Handmade Christmas Decorations - make your own decorations for the Holidays by 36th Avenue

Gingerbread Caramel Corn recipe - YUM!

101 Healthy Soup Recipes - by Cooking Light

How-To Make a Distressed-Look Painting - by Little Blue Boo

How-To Draw Video - a 2-hour video from Betty Edwards, author of "Drawing from the Right Side of Your Brain"

A Random Tutorial Generator -- for artists, jewelers and anyone who wants to make things -- watch out, it's addictive!

101 Simple Hand-Made Gifts Tutorial - an amazing variety of hand-made gifts and how to make them!

Tutorials for Photoshop Newbies - how-to's for getting started with Photoshop

"Into the Light"
Mixed Media on paper

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  1. Wow JJ, what an inspiring list! Thanks so much for putting it together. Merry Merry Happy Happy!