Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Painting in Progress

This morning I awoke and decided it was going to be a paint day in the studio.  The fact is I really haven't picked up a paintbrush in weeks and am struggling within my Self trying to decide if I need to force the issue or "just let it ride" until inspiration comes and pinches me in the butt!  But today is Sunday and I had no plans whatsoever and figured I needed to do something creative and fun.

So - I decided to get a blank canvas out and throw some paint around.  When I do this type of work (i.e. no clue what I want to paint but I want to paint something), I force myself to use whatever brush or color paint I pick up and there's no covering up the design.  My rule is "What gets put on the canvas stays on the canvas."  This is intuitive painting -- there are no mistakes!  

I took some photos of my progress and am sharing what it's like to do one of these "fantasy house" paintings and the steps I go through.  This painting is most likely about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way finished.  Here's the evolution of this 48" x 30" painting thus far:

Blank 48" x 30" canvas

Background wash with Caran d'Ache house outlines

Playing with my favorite "circle" brush

Adding some "x's" to go with the "o's"

Trying to establish some balance with the shapes

Painting colors on top of colors and filling in the houses
Stop point for tonight - this fantasy house painting
is starting to get too busy for my liking but I've got
to follow my "rules" and cannot start blocking out the
work I've done.  Right now the painting is suggesting a
name of  "Summer Camp."  Do you agree or disagree??

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