Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Bead Soup Time Again!!

Every year I take part in several exchanges for my fused glass and lampworked beads.  There's the annual "Magless Exchange" with the Warm Glass Board that I've participated in for eight years (fused glass); the regular exchanges that are organized by various members of Lampwork, Etc. (most recently a "Beach Charms" and an "Earrings" exchange) and my all-time favorite exchange which was created and expertly organized by the Energizer Bunny herself, Lori Anderson.  

Each participant in the Bead Soup Exchange is given the name of another beader/jewelry artist and the two exchange a small package of beads.  The receiver is free to make whatever they want from their offerings, so long as their final piece incorporates the clasp and main focal bead that the sender included.  Here's a photo of what I received from my first exchange partner, Karen Williams.  Karen is an amazing beader and teacher from Seattle, Washington who makes the most exquisite peyote stitched jewelry I've ever seen.  Click on her name and the link will take you to her blog with lots of eye candy!

And here what I made from Karen's wonderful beads -- a beautiful necklace, two pairs of earrings and a matching bracelet (wish the photo was better, sorry!).

Last year I exchanged with an artist from Canada who unfortunately had to bow out before the exchange was finished due to family obligations.  Above is a photo of what my partner sent and below is what I made from her offerings:

This year the partner Lori assigned me to was also beset with scheduling/family issues and needed to back out at the last minute.  I started to feel like I had Cooties or worse!  Two partners dropping out in a row??  I was bummed but I understood -- it IS a commitment of time and resources to participate in these exchanges and not everyone is able to follow through.  So after I got the news, I posted my situation on Lori's Facebook page and Lady Luck showed up......a generous and talented beader named Dot Lewallen said she'd happily be my partner for this exchange.  I was psyched and relieved that I'd be able to participate after all.  Dot is another amazing seed-beader who makes exquisite beaded necklaces and stunning dolls with faces she makes from plastic clay.  I can't wait to see what she sends me....I've got a feeling I'm going to be stretching my humble beading skills to the limit!


  1. I am SOO glad that you did indeed find a Bead Soup partner this time around! You soooo do not have cooties!

    I'd pair with you again in a heartbeat JJ! But then, it probably wouldn't be as much fun for you has getting to work with someone new.

    Which reveal date are you?

  2. Great soup Grea blog, reveal date 28th July I am looking forward to it all., Love and hugs Tanya