Saturday, December 31, 2011

At last -- 2012 is here!

It's been a good year for me in many ways.  A year filled with endings and new beginnings, and I'm looking forward to starting the New Year.

I have a "ritual" I do every New Year's Eve, and I'm getting ready to do it again tonight.  I start with 2 sheets of paper.  On one sheet I make a list of the accomplishments I've done this past year that have made me happy or proud; on the other sheet I list the events or situations I'm not overly enthused about or that want to move past in addition to the names of people I need to forgive (or forget!). 

I take the first sheet and read it out loud 3 times.  After reading it aloud for the 3rd time, I burn it over my gas stove in a metal pan.  I do the same for the second sheet.  After the ashes quit glowing, I douse them with water, take the pan outside and toss the contents into the garden. 

This is my version of turning these memories over to the Universe, and wiping my internal "slate" clean, to start fresh for the new year. 

Next comes the Vision Board (or collage or Treasure Map).  This is the fun part......I cut pictures and words from magazines and start arranging them on a piece of heavy paper.  I sometimes add photos of people I know, and once I'm happy with the arrangement, I glue everything down onto the paper base.  After everything is glued, I trim the edges; turn the board over to start writing down my intentions and accomplishments I want to achieve in the coming year.

I got a head start on this last part of my ritual yesterday when I made a Vision Board at my friend's house.  Unfortunately some of the content is cropped off on the right hand side......but basically I want to achieve several things in 2012: start traveling again; regain my confidence in myself and my business that I feel I lost over these past few years; find an emotionally healthy man to have a romantic relationship with; sell lots of paintings and make lots of money; start meditating and practicing yoga again and get a furry friend (the 4-legged kind).

Here's a photo of the Vision Board I made:

and I hope each and every one of you has a
 safe, healthy, fun and prosperous 2012!!


  1. That seems like a wonderful and powerful ritual! Can't wait to have a dog hanging around the studio! Happy New Year my friend. It's going to be awesome!