Monday, August 1, 2011

Bead Soup is Back!!!

I'm so excited -- it's Bead Soup time again and Lori Anderson will once again use her tremendous project management skills and creative juices to launch yet another Beaded Jewelry exchange extravaganza!  Last year I was teamed up with the uber-talented Karen Williams of Seattle, WA who really challenged me and my beadmaking skills with her beautiful earth-toned seed beads and beaded centerpiece.  I still get compliments each and every time I wear my beautiful necklace and earrings!

The whole concept of the Bead Soup exchange is to push the envelope of each participants comfort zone and make us use materials/styles/colors/concepts we don't normally use.  We each send out a package containing our bead/design offerings to another Bead Souper and they send us their own personalized offering in return.  Honestly -- the anticipation is like waiting for Santa to arrive so you can open your presents :-)

Guess I'd better get busy in the studio and start torching some awesome beads for my partner -- in the meantime feel free to check out some of the previous Bead Soup "Recipes" !  Lori will be coming out with a book in October, 2012 and I hope one of my humble designs or beads might just make the cut.

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