Saturday, April 9, 2011

Changes on the Horizon

Tax day is looming and I called my accountant to file an extension.  It's just not going to happen on time this year and the big reason why is some upcoming changes going on with my work and art life.  As some of you know I went part-time with my employer a couple years ago to get some relief from burnout and to concentrate on my passion which has always been art.  I opened a studio in midtown Sacramento with the incredible Spiritual artist Brenda Boles to gain exposure in the local art scene and to sell my abstract paintings; fused glass and lampworked beads.  It's been a very successful journey and I'm so happy I was able to to it and to have such a wonderful artist to share that experience with. 

At first I was happy to spend a couple days at the office and the rest of the time at the studio painting away and greeting customers (my first "retail" experience ever where I wasn't the shopper!!).  Then I wanted to spend more time doing things with family and friends.  Shortly afterwards the big project I'd been working on went viral and I was in charge of seeing it through to completion.  The only days I managed to get to my studio was for 2nd Saturday Artwalk and to meet an occasional client for a sale.

The building my studio is now officially in escrow.  It's a beautiful old structure that has so much character -- but also has some major ADA (American Disabilities Act) upgrades that need to be made which will mean major construction ahead.  Add a dose of "next month they're going to close our parking to make infrastructure improvements for the entire block"and I decided it was time to make a move.

So -- in May I'm moving my studio closer to my home and I'll be sharing space with another wonderfully talented photographer/artist Dianne Poinski  I'm really excited about the location and am looking forward to being able to do some "double-duty" as I telecommute for work (there's a phone line and internet plus room for a desk!) and create some new art while being available for walk-in art lovers.  I'm also excited to get back to my marketing efforts which were starting to pay off nicely. 

While all of the above was being decided my office was advertising for a tenant to sublease some available suites in our space.  Last week we found a group of attorneys who wanted the space -- but they need my beautiful and spacious office to complete the move.  With my blessing we made the deal and they want to move in next week which means I'm going to have a move at work in addition to my studio. 

More to come as things unfold -- but for now it's a time of organization/packing/reorganizing/moving and truthfully a bit of stress as I figure out how things are going to look in the new spaces. 

Breathe............just breathe.

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  1. Oh wow-so much I did not know !
    Good luck- and indeed deep breath.