Monday, May 10, 2010

2nd Saturday Art Walk review

The weather was beautiful last weekend for May's 2nd Saturday Art Walk in Sacramento and the crowds were out and about enjoying the art and music scene.  I met a lot of fun and interesting new people and was pleased to see quite a few friendly familiar faces that night.  Among those smiling faces was one of my very  favorite fans, Daniel of Fair Oaks.  Young Daniel is a regular attendee of the art walk and generally comes to see the bronze pouring at The Foundry with his Mom and family.  I always have a special treat for Daniel tucked away and he in turn charms me with his stories and amazing ability to make my labeler work!  He's got a special energy that I obviously don't possess and is able to churn out the labels en masse while I fight to get the darn thing to print a 3-digit price tag.  Here's a photo of Daniel -- isn't he adorable?  He's also an extremely talented artist and a favorite of all of the artists at The Foundry.

I was also happy to see the Raymond, the founder of   Raymond and his beautiful daughter came in to see my studio last month and ended up interviewing me for his blog!  Besides publishing this wonderful website that highlights Sacramento artists and their work, Raymond works with autistic children.  Keep checking Raymond's website for photos and artist/gallery info -- in my opinion it's the best website for 2nd Saturday in Sacramento!!

I have to say I'm really blessed to be able to meet such warm and interesting people on these open studio evenings.  It's hard to believe that only a few years ago I actually had panic attacks at these events and would practically sell my soul to not attend my own openings!  Now I look forward to talking with the visitors and learning their stories.  I'm humbled by their genuine interest and am actually excited when that special day comes about, albeit sometimes so fast.  I don't know if time is passing so quickly because I'm getting older or if it's because I've found my passion.  Doesn't really matter -- I'm loving my life.

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  1. Oh- what a life you have and oh the people you meet!!
    Enjoy it ALL-laugh, dance and do art! Great photo of you in the Sat. art blog :)