Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Artist Statement for JJ

It's been a busy week for this girl and I've been managing to keep up with the daily painting posts on by listing some of my older works that you've already seen here so I didn't want to post them again on this site.  If you want to see what I listed last week just press the link above and type in "JJ Jacobs" in the search box at the top right of the page.

I'm trying to put together a marketing package for my art that I can use at a moment's notice instead of slamming something together at the last minute like I generally do (read--MAJOR procrastinator!).  There is so much information out there on what an artist NEEDS to have and what they should have and what is a nice thing to have but isn't absolutely necessary.....all of these "things" that are supposed to help market you right into the big galleries and guarantee your successful launch into artistic stardom seem to either cost a lot of $$ or take a ton of time -- all of which (in my opinion) are making someone else rich and not necessarily making me any more successful. 

One item that the experts seem to agree on is the need for an Artist Statement.  Many of them read like a bio but generally include the purpose behind one's art and why/how they make what they do.  Some of the AS's that I've read are so pretentious it affects my feeling about their art (ie "how can a pompous airbag really manufacture so many beautiful works called "Untitled #....." that I don't even want to bookmark their site because they're so freaking cool and surely since I'm not ubercool like them then I'm unworthy to look at their work?) 

After reading so many different good and bad statements I opted to write my own AS which you can see on my website if you're so inclined to do so:  In the meantime I did manage to find a FREE website that  helps artists write an AS and thought you might enjoy what they came up with for's the website address in case you want to write an AS for yourself:

JJ's Artist Statement

"Through my work I attempt to examine the phenomenon of Bugs Bunny as a methaphorical interpretation of both Vincent Van Gogh and painting. What began as a personal journey of crapism has translated into images of watermelon and hands that resonate with American people to question their own beigeness.

My mixed media cup embody an idiosyncratic view of Buddha, yet the familiar imagery allows for a connection between John Lennon, telephones and lobsters.  My work is in the private collection of Gavin MacLeod who said 'Holy Smokes!!, that's some real spectacular Art.'

I am a recipient of a grant from Folsom Prison where I served time for stealing mugs and tie clips from the gift shop of The MOMA. I have exhibited in group shows at In & Out Burger and Doiron, though not at the same time. I currently spend my time between my Studio and Berlin"

Have a  nice day,
JJ :-)


  1. Well, I thought I knew you ! Would the real you please stand up? WOW

  2. Great post, JJ. Love your work and stop by often. Would be great if you share your journey to put together your marketing materials. I'm thinking about the same thing.

    I was daunted by writing my AS, but finally put something down on paper. It seems to hold for now. Mines on my site under About Joanie. Is yours on your site under "Artist"? Wasn't sure.

  3. I love your humor!! ... I laughed at the Folsom Prison comment because my mom has a painting she bought at their art show years ago. I remember some works that looked like "freedom" and other paintings that scared the #$@ out of me as a kid. ... I love all the work you're doing. When I finally make it to a 2nd Sat. I'll be sure to come and say "hello"!

  4. Thanks for the comments, everyone :-) I'll start posting the marketing adventures on the blog, Joanie -- excellent suggestion (BTW...I love your work!)