Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday wishes are in order today for one of my favorite Coming Abstractions followers, Anne Eversmann, who lives in cold and snowy Ohio. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE!!! Anne was one of my first blog followers and via the internet we've formed a wonderful friendship sharing thoughts, musings, art, and encouragement. When I first started blogging I seriously didn't think anyone would even want to read what I wrote or see what I created. I blogged because "art marketing experts" said you had to in order to be successful. After receiving my very first comment from someone other than a friend (that was you, Anne) I was hooked! Now I get comments every week from people I haven't even met but who apparently have found my blog somehow. Some of them I don't even see in my group of followers but apparently they are there. I'm not sure how all of this cyberspace stuff works but I'm finding that maybe those art marketing people do indeed know a thing or two about marketing!  Anne--I am thanking you "publicly" for your friendship, support and encouragement. You are a bright shiny guiding light in my life.


  1. Thanks !
    Sf affection,

  2. ps, What is the title of this piece?
    Love this - crossing of paths !