Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lynn Scholl's sculpture dogs & more

I am surrounded by talented friends.  Lynn Scholl, a creative force in art and the landscape architecture field, recently participated in the "Dog & Cat Show" at The Skinner Gallery in Sacramento.  Lynn specializes in assemblage and mixed-media art and created two outstanding dogs out of an array of found objects like typewriter keys; air filters; washers; light bulbs, wood and metal.  What you and I might see as junk, Lynn sees as treasures and puts them together in ways we'd never imagine.  Here's a photo of Lynn standing next to "Borg Dog."  This piece sold on opening night.

This next photo is Lynn standing next to "Ozone" -- an adorable little guy whose torso is made from an air filter.  I love him!

Lynn was also the featured artist recently in the Examiner.  Check out this fantastic article:

Way to go, Lynn -- I can't wait to see what unique little creatures you come up with next!!

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  1. Thank you JJ! You are so kind to make me a blog star! I am lucky to have such a talented and generous friend.