Friday, September 11, 2009

Big weekend

This coming weekend (September 12 and 13) is our first official 2nd Saturday at the new studio AND the Sacramento Artists' Studio open houses. My studio mate, Brenda Boles and I have been busily getting ready for the big event. I have to say I'm filled with my usual anxiety and nervousness that accompanies a show that I'm required to be present at. I can remember one opening I had at 20th Street Gallery several years ago where I actually snuck out of the gallery and came home a couple of hours before the reception ended because I was having a panic attack. Seriously -- a full fledged, paralyzing panic attack that came out of nowhere and I can remember coming home feeling foolish; upset and full of questions about whether or not I was cut out to be an artist. Since then I've rarely attended an opening where my art was featured unless it was a requirement of the gallery.

Well now I've gone and opened my own studio and being open for 2nd Saturdays and receptions is part of the deal. It will be interesting to see how this weekend critical self keeps asking "is my art any good?" and "why am I doing this?" "Maybe I should continue to be represented by my wonderful and patient galleries and just let them sell my work for me?"

Most people know me as being a glass artist. But the past year or so I've resurrected my love for painting again and have fallen in love with acrylics. As any of my artist friends who have created with me will tell you I am a quick worker when it comes to painting. I work on several pieces at one time and am a whir of energy as I happily splash color onto various papers and canvasses. This also means I have a lot of work that needs to either be stored, sold, or given away. Opening my own studio seemed like a logical way to get these finished works out of my house and into another place to be stored; shared; and hopefully enjoyed by someone other than my friends, family and myself.

Getting the studio was serendipitous -- so many things just "fell into place" that it's almost scary to recount the experience. Bottom line is I'm now out there in my own studio and am learning the art business which is WAY different than the real estate world that I've been involved with forever. I can honestly say I feel alive and energized; my inner child is being nourished and is thriving again and I'm keeping my fingers crossed I won't have a panic attack and run out of my own show this weekend. Wish me luck :-)

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