Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ursula O'Farrell workshop

Last weekend I was in Aptos taking a 2-day workshop from Ursula O'Farrell. Besides being a fabulously talented abstract figurative artist -- she shared a wealth of information and techniques with us. Here's one of the paintings (work in progress) that I started in class:
One of the most exciting things I learned from Ursula was how to mix my palette and utilize the neutrals created by mixing opposite colors with blacks and whites. It was difficult at first getting used to working with "dull" colors for me but I quickly realized how efficient this technique is! There's still a lot of trial and error on my part but I like the effects that are created when using a solid color against a blend of its complements. This painting was made from a palette of Pthalo Turquoise and Cadmium Red. Here's a link to the awesome website that explains various palettes and mixing of colors along with Ursula's website -- check them out!

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