Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Moo See

Here is a painting that I did in my Mendocino workshop with Robert Burridge. In the beginning of the workshop Bob instructed us to paint with intention and to use this intention in developing a body of work. I tried like mad to come up with something intentional and at the end decided to do my normal cityscapes. Instead my muse took over and lo and behold -- my works became mostly figurative and included numbers, angel wings, and pieces of a measuring tape. Apparently my theme had to do with body images and how we see ourselves given today's society for the perfect Kate Moss look-alike. (NOT!) Here is one of the paintings I painted that first day in Bob's class. It's called "Moo-See" and is 10" x 10" done on Fabriano 300-lb paper with acrylics. The zeroes and letter "M" inspired the "Moo" and the picture of the eye nailed the "See." My muse has a sense of humor!

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