Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Apparently my last post titled "Shades of Gray" sparked a spamming frenzy among the twisted and perverted  mindset......please be advised my blog is now, always has been and will continue to be a family-friendly site that caters to creative minds and souls.  All XXX-rated comments have been deleted and unfortunately, from now on all of the comments will need to be approved before posting.

My apologies to anyone who had the misfortune to read some of the comments on my last post, and I pray if you did read them, that you did not open the links attached to them.

Here's another study of black & white painting with shades of gray.....this one will be known as "Get a Life" and is dedicated to blog spammers far and near.

"Shades of Gray - 4"
6" x 4" acrylic on paper


  1. Your series "Shades of Grey" is really great and inspiring...
    I also have the same problem with spams lately, so I perfectly understand....

    1. Thank you, Mariela -- I'm having fun with this series and plan on making more black & white paintings in the future.

      I think the big problem I have with spamming is the question "WHY?" What do spammers gain from this???

      I just can't wrap my mind around this mindset.....

  2. Hi JJ, I love your texture and the lyrical quality your mark making inspires! Speaking of Shades of Gray, a friend has the same title to her series, I hope she doesn't run into the same problem. Do you work to music?

    1. Thanks Bruce!! I hope your friend doesn't get the same response to the title as I did.....Mon Dieu! I was shocked to see/read what I received :-)

      I tend to work in silence though once in a great while I'll turn on some quiet instrumental music (ie George Winston). I find that the words of the music are distracting for me -- what about you? Do you listen to music when you paint your gorgeous work?? If so, who and what do you listen to?

    2. I do find music motivates me and I listen to varity of mostly alternative low key songs. Classic is usually out because it's too engaging and I end up paying too much attention to it instead of what I'm painting!

  3. That is a beautiful piece! Oh how I hate spammers. So horrible that things as innocent as Shades of Grey can bring on an onslaught of not so innocent comments like that.

    Anyway, so wonderful to be here. Stopping by to say hi! And looking forward to visiting your lovely blog again.

    Konstanz Silverbow
    A-to-Z April Blogging Challenge
    2013 Co-host

    1. Thank you Konstanz! I'm looking forward to next month's A-Z April Blogging Challenge. I'm getting ready for it now!!