Saturday, December 1, 2012

Some New Work

  There's something about painting multiple works at a time that inspires and excites me.  I recently
opened a package of ten 10"x8" canvases; laid them out on my dining room table; grabbed some 
supplies and started painting with wild abandon.  Here are some photos of how I started out:  

Supplies:  Acrylic paints, graphite, willow charcoal, Sharpie oil markers and India Ink

Mid-way point:  light gray and buff acrylic with charcoal, graphite and India Ink 

Added some Nickel Azo Gold with dots & lines made with the Sharpie Oil marker

Put down some Lukas Fern acrylic paint for some finish accent color

I liked the composition and designs in several of these "finished" paintings, but felt there was more I could do (plus I wasn't ready to stop painting then!) so one by one, I took these little guys into my "finish studio" aka my home office, and began the adventure I call "search and destroy."  I grabbed some thick white paint and started working with the negative space; added some glazes and introduced some more color.  Here are photos of the finished works:

"A Peaceful Wind"

"A Time to Dream"
10 Finished Paintings
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