Thursday, April 8, 2010

Corporate painting -- currently hanging at Sun City Lincoln Del Webb!

 Last year I was commissioned to paint two large paintings for the remodel of the Sun City Lincoln Del Webb's former administration building. The designer had originally had a blue and green palette for the finishes but had run into problems getting the carpeting on schedule so had to do an emergency design redo at the last minute based on what carpeting was readily available. After lengthy consideration the developer chose warmer tones with rich browns, ochres and reds and added bright red leather furniture. Since I happen to have bright red leather furniture in my own living room I figured I'd paint something that would fit into my own house should the developer not like my work! Here's the first of the two paintings that can be seen at 985 Sun City Lane, Lincoln, CA. It's called "Rings of Fire" and is acrylic on a 30" x 40" gallery wrapped canvas.

I'd like to do more corporate painting aka "lobby art" and need to start networking with designers and developers.  Another item to add to my wish/to-do list!

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