Friday, October 2, 2009

Two More Paintings

Two more paintings from my painting marathon last week.  The first one is called "The Journey" and made with acrylic paints, felt markers, pastels, tissue and charcoal on 300 lb. Arches paper -- 15.5" x 15.5"  
This one is called "Heading Down the Road" made with the same materials on a 12" x 12" canvasboard.

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  1. Hi, Glad you are back in the creative mode...have a nice trip/painting.
    I like your newest entry and love that you share the process! Thank you. But I had to comment on the " Hopscotch " journey! It made me sing
    " Abc, easy as 123
    That's how easy LOVE can be"
    I went on a cruise this last week...a last minute decision to join my brother and sister in law half way through their cruise. (Quebec to Boston) . The week end before, that I also toured several art studios and I must say I am FILLING up.First day back (today) got my home studio ready...hope I have something to show you ! Anne