Friday, October 16, 2009

Back to work

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post and let's just say that my work life kind of kidnapped my creativity for awhile.  I recently made an offer for a client on an office building in Roseville and with the due diligence period end approaching I've been a bit crazy playing both developer and broker in trying to make sure we expose any outstanding conditions before we move forward with finalizing the sale.  Next week will wrap up the final negotiations and with luck my right brain can kick into full gear again!

My beach trip over the first weekend of October was fabulous -- I visited about 15 artist studios and met some very talented people.  This coming weekend is the Encore Weekend for Santa Cruz County Arts Council and if I weren't already committed I'd make the trip to see some of the studios I missed and to revisit a couple that I visited.  If you get a chance check out these sites:

Today I'm heading back to the office for a short stint of work then off to the studio to paint on six small new canvases that I picked up yesterday at University Art along with two "do-over" pieces.  Here's a photo of the canvases -- early this morning I prepped them with modeling paste to add some texture and actually already started painting over one of them (yellow one) with a base color.  It really helps to throw down a layer of paint as quickly as possible before jumping into finishing the piece -- reminds me of staring at a blank white page when I was blocked and needed to meet a deadline to my editor.....once I started typing a few words then the word floodgates would open and I'd be done with the column just in time to meet the presses. 

I'm hoping the same happens with this new series I've got in my mind.  New paints and new canvases -- I'm ready to play!

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