Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fire Down Below

Last Wednesday evening I was working with several paintings on paper that had bright pastels and jewel tones. I was playing with the many glorious colors when I grabbed a tube of black acrylic paint to do an accent on one of the paintings. After I started brushing the black around on the canvas I realized I hadn't done a very good job of cleaning the yellow paint from the previous strokes. The combination of the black and yellow made a beautiful khaki green color and I decided to explore the mixture a bit more. "Fire Down Below" is the result and is a 12" x 12" acrylic abstract on canvas. Given the recent and ongoing fires we've had in California these past few weeks I feel it's an appropriate title.


  1. I love your art! I am a retired art teacher finally trying to pursue my own art. However , I sooo miss the inspiration I got from my student
    ( grades 1-6) .They helped me keep it spontaneous and intuitive. So hard recapturing that and following you helps- thanks!
    I miss that is has been several days since you posted. I was simply inspired by YOGA ANGEL . My son and family live in Sacramento and I plan to try to get in touch the next time we are there. ( I live in Cincinnati ) Anne Eversmann